Croatian Q Agency Embraces Remote Work


The Croatian Q Agency, a full-service software agency, recently announced that their employees would choose the work model they prefer. This means they can choose between working from the office, fully remotely, or combined. Additionally, based on internal reports, the agency will start hiring people outside the City of Zagreb. 

Croatia is one of the countries that has fully embraced digital nomadism and remote work. A few months ago, the country opened its first digital nomad village and created a digital nomads in-residence program. And a number of companies in Croatia are following the global trends allowing employees to choose the work structure that works best for them.

Q Agency New Flexible Policies

The Croatian Q Agency will allow its employees to choose the work model they want. They can choose between a hybrid model, fully remote, or full-time in the office. The agency also announced that they want to expand their business and are looking forward to employing people remotely who can work from any city across the country. 

Anja Oppenheimer Baresic, the head of the People & Culture department, highlighted that their internal survey showed that 61% of employees want to come to the office occasionally. In comparison, 21% want to work completely remotely. 

The company has closed multiple offices since the beginning of the pandemic. And while it has been challenging, their employee satisfaction and general belonging feelings among employees are at the highest peak they’ve ever been, according to their recent surveys. 


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