Cravath Will Allow Remote Work 6 Days a Month

Cravath Swaine & Moore, one of the premier U.S. law firms, is delaying its office reopening and will allow staff to work remotely 6 days per month. The Wall Street firm had initially planned on reopening its two principal New York and London offices after Labor Day. However, they just announced that they moved the day to October 18th.

Companies across the U.S. have started setting their upcoming plans for remote work and the return to the offices. However, as the Delta variant emerges in most states, many firms have delayed the date as a precautionary measurement. 

Cravath New Remote Working Policy

Because of the emergence of the Delta variant, Big Law firms have delayed their office reopening until fall. Upon its reopening, Cravath will have limited office access, in-person events and will only allow client meetings with those who are fully vaccinated.

Additionally, the firm’s attorneys will now have the possibility to work remotely for up to 6 days each month. In an internal memo, Faiza Saeed, Cravath Swaine & Moree presiding partner, said that the firm is looking forward to balancing personal flexibility with the requirements of a client-centered apprenticeship model.

We expect and trust that professionals of the caliber of our people can determine how that should translate into their weekly routine when we are back in the office.Faiza Saeed 

Additionally, when staff works in the offices, they will be able to dress more casually. Only when they make court appearances or have specific events, they’ll have to dress under formal business etiquette. 


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