CoWorkZen Expansion With New Affordable Seats And Networking Opportunities

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Based in Noida (India), CoWorkZen announces expanding the co-working space in four more centers. Following the rise of remote workers, the space offers affordable seats to grow network opportunities for businesses.

After the spread of the pandemic around the world, countries pushed towards technology and remote work. From corporate companies to startups, employees created new working habits. With flexible hours and the opportunity to work outside the offices, co-working spaces businesses blew up worldwide.  

CoWorkZen launched a co-working space in Noida for businesses willing to cut off office expenses and build a network. The co-working space occupies 35% seats in the pre-launch, including clients such as ServerGuy, HariOm Electronics, NPRA, Associates, and others. 

CoWorkZen Expansion With New Affordable Seats And Networking Opportunities

Following the initial success, the brand is planning the expansion to two more cities. The aim is to offer affordable seats to remote workers that have to commit hours to their offices. In addition, the project is coming up with a coaching academy for startups to boost their businesses. The initial investment was Rs 40 lakhs. The expansion aims to achieve a potential revenue of up to Rs 85 lakhs in the first year, offering multiple services.

As Founder Nayan Verma states: “We have taken the plunge upon ourselves to scale the businesses by providing customized office-management solutions for our clientele where they can have a hassle-free experience with ready-to-work setups. Our services accentuate the office management by reducing the operational costs along with networking opportunities thus serving a delectable experience to our customers.”

The price for the co-working is Rs 6500 per seat. Further, cabin seats start from Rs 7500 per seat, including multiple options from single desks to 16 seats for cabins. The co-working space can host up to 77 people. Finally, the center has two training rooms for 35 people each and a training room for 100 people.

While it’s clear that remote work will remain a solution for most companies in the near future, co-working spaces worldwide are affordable seats and networking opportunities. 


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