Coworking Space Newbold Exchange Replaces an Old Theater in Philadelphia

Coworking space theater
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Newbold Exchange is a 12,000-square-foot coworking space in South Philadelphia offering 16 private offices and 36 desks.

The desks are a mix of hotdesks (starting at $150 a month) and dedicated work spaces (starting at $250 a month). The founder of Newbold Exchange, John Longacre, president of LPMG Companies, felt that there was a need for office space options and it was while looking for his own team that he came across this space at 1727 Snyder Ave.

“We saw a need to cater to local professionals — freelancers, small offices and anyone who would thrive in a shared work environment. As people ease back into the workspaces outside of their homes we aim to meet their needs, however they take shape.”Reid Benditt, Director of Marketing, LPMG Companies

The new workspace is in an old theater that first originated as a silent motion picture house called the Becker Theatre that opened in 1919. Later, it expanded and reopened in 1926 as the Venice Theatre.

This new coworking space has a shared kitchen, 24/7 access and three conference areas. Two of the conference spaces are fullywired conference rooms with a 16 people capacity the third one is a stadium-style annex that accommodates up to 50 people.

Currently, the members of this coworking space include a mix of marketing professionals, environmentalists, illustrators among other professionals. Only three of the space’s private offices are not rented yet.

The emergence of remote and hybrid work models has opened up many new coworking spaces across the world. For remote working professional who want their own working space outside of home, there are plenty of coworking spaces in every region to choose from.

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