Coworking Franchise Expanded Footprint

Coworking franchise expanded footprint

Coworking franchise Eye expanded its footprint following the rising demand for flexible office arrangements and small business growth.
So, Colorado-based Office Evolution announced new locations in Michigan and Florida. And franchisees in the Chicago and San Antonio, Texas, areas are expanding their capacity at their existing locations.
According to Jason Anderson, president of Office Evolution, the aim is to double the brand’s footprint in the next three years. The expansion of coworking locations will be parallel to the growth of the small business industry.
Their current network includes over 70 locally operating business centers across 25 states. So, the coworking facilities will offer flexible terms and serve as innovation hubs for members. Most companies have been saving on their budget by cutting office space. So, the Coworking franchise’s expanded footprint will go hand in hand with a growing tendency.


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