The Controversial Apple “Escape From the Office” Promotional Video


Last month, Apple published “Escape From the Office,” a promotional video that showcased how easy it is to work remotely with Apple products. Ironically, weeks ago, the company gave its employees a timeline giving them a due date to return to the office. This made employees angry when seeing how the company promotes remote work unless you actually work for Apple.

The Escape from the Office 9-minute video shows a group of employees who answered the requirement to return to the office by quitting and building their own business. They used iPads, MacBooks, and software, building their own remote space.

Apple Employees Angered at the Company’s Promotional Video

A week before the video, Apple Inc. announced its return to the official date. This seemed like a joke to many of its employees, including the 7,500 Apple employees who have a dedicated Slack channel to advocate for remote work. How could the company promote its products to work remotely when they don’t even allow it?

Despite the multiple letters and companies, the company wants the staff to return to its millionaire offices. They are required to come back at least once a week. By April 11, twice a week by the end of the month, and three times a week by May 23.

The company wants to continue building an in-office-centered culture to protect it from secrecy. It’s also a hallmark of the culture developed by Steve Jobs, who designed Apple Park intending to encourage random conversations and ideas.


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