Conductor: The Company Established its ´YOLO´ Flexible Program

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The New-York based company established YOLO months, an experimental program that lets employees work anywhere they want. Additionally, Conductor has a hybrid schedule where employees are expected to work three days weekly in the office. 

Companies continue exploring new ways to offer employees flexibility. As the great resignation led thousands of employees to quit their jobs to look for more flexible opportunities, companies had to start looking for the best strategies to avoid this from happening. Consequently, new policies and hybrid arrangements are made by companies on a global scale. 

Conductor´s ´Yolo´ Flexible Program

Conductor has a hybrid schedule where employees can work from home. But they are also required to go to the office for three days weekly in the office. However, the company created an experimental program called ´YOLO´, which lets employees work wherever they want.

Currently, the company offers two YOLO months: one from mid-March to mid-April, and the other in August. 

During these months, employees can explore and focus on areas they normally don’t have the chance to due to the regular workweek (for example, family, social life, mental health. Employees’ work can change during YOLO months but their work hours remain virtually the same to stay in sync with the HQ timezone. 

Conductor´s chief revenue officer Tom Martin, explains that for them the key to staying competitive in the market is to get creative. As he told Yahoo Finance:

“We are a small company, we’re not paying like Google or Amazon, and we’re in a hot market. So we have to have a leading-edge thinking around benefits and work-life balance,” 


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