Kootenai National Forest: New Co-working For Remote Workers

co-working for remote workers

In the heart of Kootenai National Forest, Lotic Environmental Ltd. is turning into a new co-working space for remote workers. The upper floor will be a new space with desks and offices to host small businesses.

Since 2010, Lotic Environmental Ltd. is an environmental consulting company based in Cranbrook, BC. Owners of the company, Mike and Corinna Robinson, employ up to twelve staff members. The couple is also active members of the local community, and they bought the 101 Kootenay St. building in March of 2020. 

New Site For Remote Workers And Locals

The idea is to turn the location into a co-working for remote workers and a meeting point for the local community. Besides desks and offices, the site will have a market and a cafe. 

In collaboration with local food entrepreneur Christel Hagn, co-founder and former director of Kootenay Soulfood Cooperative, the Robinsons want to create a regional food hub for the local community. The three partners share the same vision besides a co-working for remote workers. They want to open a one-stop market with any basic from toilet paper to healthy snacks. In the heart of Kootenai Forest, the location will offer easy access to food, restaurants, and, of course, co-working space. 

As Corinna Robinson said, “We have never had our own office space. We have always worked out of our home or other co-working spaces. When this building came up for sale we could instantly see the potential of moving our business upstairs and working with other like-minded people.”

Following the trend of remote workers, the Robinsons are launching a new community site for remote workers and locals. The co-working space, called 101 Building, is already open for residents, while the Morchella Market and Cafe will open in August 2021.


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