Co-working Hubs and Apartment Communities

co-working hubs apartment communities

Different companies are planning co-working hubs in apartment communities.

After the pandemic, different solutions to accommodate flexible workplaces emerged. And following inflation and the rise of house pricing, more companies started testing different solutions. 

To fill up the growing demand, flex office company Industrious and AvalonBay Communities partner to create new co-working spaces in AvalonBay’s apartment complex. This first pilot is a test to try different solutions for people with flexible working schedules. The new project, SecondSpace, will be first in AvalonBay communities (Monrovia) and then in Brea. 

As Industrious CEO and co-founder Jamie Hodari, said: “The evolution of work is showing that most workers don’t want to commute daily to office spaces, but don’t want to work from home every day either.”

The new co-working hubs in apartment communities respond to the new need for different workplaces closer to living areas. Renters can have private offices and set up their space to maximize their productivity. Further, they can access various Industrious’ networks of flexible workplace locations.

This new co-working hubs into community apartments is another solution that could open alternative trends for families and remote workers. 


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