Citrix Workplace To Simplify Remote Work

simplify remote work

Citrix announced new capabilities for Citrix Workspace to simplify remote work. They include app personalization; security management protocols; Microsoft Teams integrations; and support remote contact centers.

After the remote work revolution, over 80% of remote workers rearranged their workflows with collaboration tools. However, these tools don’t come without challenges. According to a recent survey, 64% of IT managers were using collaboration tools before COVID. And, 71% of them said that these tools, sometimes, complicated the work itself. 

Citrix Workplace To Simplify Remote Work

As vaccination campaigns allow returning to offices, most companies are opting for hybrid models. As Constellation Research Inc. vice president, Dion Hinchcliffe, states: “We’ll have to hold the hybrid model as the primary model. We may eventually go back to the way we were. But, for the next several years it’s going to be that. What we’re seeing with the Citrix announcements is a wave of design to properly deal with these changes. Now, they’re adding features to streamline, to reduce the friction, to simplify remote work.”

These collaboration tools don’t always simplify remote work. Citrix Systems Inc. decided to address this challenge. And recently they announced new capabilities for Citrix Workspace. 

First, a new app personalization helps companies to customize their dashboard tailoring the user experience. Second, new security features make available data and critical information for employees. Third, the Workspace app will have a Microsoft Teams integration, connecting with over 145 million active daily users.

Finally, Citrix and Google LLC formed a partnership. The goal is to support customers and contact centers now working remotely. Following this collaboration, Citrix shipped Chrome OS devices with the Workspace app. 

The future of the workforce is hard to predict. However, hybrid and remote models will be the best options for the next few years. Citrix’s announcement shows the urgent necessity of finding tools and strategies to simplify remote work worldwide. 


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