China´s Largest Travel Company Embraces Hybrid Work Model

Man working from home, China´s largest online travel company, announced its new hybrid work model. From March 1st, its 33,400 employees across the globe can now work remotely for up to two days each week. 

The Shanghai-based firm operates online travel agencies, Ctrip, Qunar, and metasearch engine Skyscanner. This move makes the company the first internet company to implement a hybrid work model New Hybrid Policy

The hybrid work policy will be implemented across the group’s offices mainland, Hong Kong, and other 16 regions. It will adjust based on the local circumstance of each location and the pandemic measures. 

James Liang Jianzhang, Co-Founder and executive chairman of the company, mentioned during an online interview:

“When a good part of the society works remotely, their job satisfaction will improve. This hybrid working model helps reduce urban traffic congestion and contributes to employees’ work-life balance, which may even boost the country’s fertility rate.”

Additionally, the company expects this new policy to attract a new generation of talent, which can be outside china and still work for the company. 


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