Certificate Program for Remote Work Tailored to Rural Residents at the University of Idaho

In an effort to mitigate the outmigration of rural residents seeking greater opportunities and to support rural communities and economies, the University of Idaho is extending its reach beyond geographical boundaries.

Through a collaborative effort between the University of Idaho Extension’s Digital Economy Program (DEP) and Utah State University Extension, residents of Idaho can now access a remote work certification program, expanding their career horizons.

According to the DEP stated in release:

“Idaho’s rural residents sometimes feel excluded from the job prospects available in large cities. This can result in a steady bleed-out of skills and funds, as people move to large cities and other states in search of opportunity. However, the growing global digital economy has the potential to reverse this trend. From freelance work to entrepreneurship and everything in between, endless possibilities are now available.”

The University of Idaho’s Digital Economy Program (DEP) is currently offering a “Remote Work Certificate” course, enabling individuals to acquire digital skills and progress in their careers without leaving the comfort of their homes.

This online course can be completed within a month and is available to many Idaho residents at a cost of $50, as stated in the release.

The DEP also stated:

“According to the Idaho Department of Transportation, more than 64,000 people moved to Idaho in 2021, but … more than 57,000 people also moved out of Idaho. Losing residents can erode the unique identity and culture of small towns and tribal communities.”


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