CEO of ZipRecruiter: ´The future of Work is Now´


For Ian Siegel, CEO of ZipRecruiter, the pandemic transformed the American employment market, both for employees and employers. During an interview with Fox Business, Siegel mentioned how remote work is transforming the industry and all the changes that are currently happening.

While remote work is not the best solution, according to some CEOs, it’s not the case for most. The pandemic impacted not only the way employees worked but also how employers hired. The talent pool expanded when looking for candidates in different parts of the world.

How is the Employment Marketplace Changing

According to Siegel, before the pandemic, they thought there was a hot job market with 7 million open jobs. But now things are changing:

“All I can speak to is what´s actually happening – and what´s actually happening so far is we´re still seeing historic, robust demand from employers for new talent-”

According to ZipRecruiter reports, job seekers are quitting at record volumes. 4 million employed people quit their jobs every month during the past nine months. Before covid, this number was 2.5 million, so that´s a massive number of extra vacated jobs. The main reasons is due to money and time. 

For Siegle, “The future of work is now. This is going to be the new norm,” as most job seekers are focusing exclusively on remote work jobs or at least jobs that offer a certain degree of flexibility. 

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