75% Employees Would Relocate if Remote Work Becomes Permanent

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CapRelo, a work relocation company, conducted a study on remote workers that revealed that 75% of employees would relocate if remote work were permanent, and 59% said they would consider leaving their current country. 

It’s difficult to predict what are the upcoming trends in a post-covid-19 scenario. Some companies have shown a tendency towards a hybrid model and started creating flexible policies. Others want their employees back in the office. However, one thing’s for sure: most employees, according to several surveys, want to continue working remotely. The flexibility of working from home or anywhere is not something they would give up easily. 

CapRelo Survey: Remote Workers Main Findings in 2021

CapRelo has published the results of The Post-Pandemic Work from Home Survey that focuses on remote workers and how remote work would continue to occur even in a post-covid scenario where restrictions are lifted. These are some of the main findings:

  • 75% are considering relocating if remote work becomes permanent in their workplace.
  • 82% of employees have experienced workplace change to some extent. 
  • 65.5% will be willing to take a pay cut to continue working remotely. 
  • 8.5% said their employer had initiated a permanent transition to remote work. 
  • 64.3% want to relocate because they want a more affordable cost of living. 
  • 59% would choose to move to a different country. 

The impact of remote work goes beyond the workplace. As seen in the study, the pandemic made people start to consider adopting a different lifestyle. If companies enable flexible options, the number of employees moving through the U.S. will increase significantly.

Click here to check out the survey. 

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