New Cambria-Somerset County Promotes Incentives For Remote Workers

incentives remote workers

Organizations in Cambria and Somerset counties are teaming up with incentives to attract remote workers. The area launches The Work From Home Cambria Somerset Initiative. The pilot project offers a $5,000 package for remote workers willing to relocate to the site. 

According to the CEO of the Somerset County Chamber, Ron Aldom, the area records a 159% increase of remote workers between 2005 and 2017. Many workers moved to Somerset County because of the lower living costs, higher quality of life, and outdoor activities.  

Following COVID restrictions, the local government launched an initiative to attract remote workers. The project is a collaboration between the Cambria Regional Chamber and Somerset County Chamber; Vision Together 2025; and the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies.

This first pilot program aims to attract 10 to 20 remote workers to start. The local council offers remote workers a $2,500 cash payment and an additional $2,500 to spend on local activities. The program can also include free tickets for the Johnstown Symphony Orchestra or the Johnstown Mill Rats baseball game. 

The eligible candidates have to move to the region in six months, while those living near Cambria or Somerset cannot participate in the council initiative. 

While most companies allow remote models, US local governments are working to attract remote workers with new activities and incentives.

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