Is The Future Of Co-working Spaces In The Hands of Rappers?

co-working space rappers

Bruxelles_ Belgian contractor Besix specialized in sustainable real estate and infrastructure constructions. One of their last projects is a co-working space designed by rappers. 

Besix completed the four-building Quatuor office complex for Befimmo. The latter is a Belgian real-estate investor focusing on office buildings and co-working spaces. Befimmo aims to create dynamic environments to work, meet, share and network. 

Besix transformed 7,000 sq of its 60,000-sq-m complex for a co-working space, following the trend for hybrid models and shared workplaces. This project has a unique and innovative element. The Congolese-Belgian singer, rapper and artist, Lous and the Yakuza designed the shared workspace. 

The new co-working space designed by rappers is in Brussels’ Quartier Nord and a big, public garden surrounds it. Following their mission for sustainability, the complex produces 30% of its energy with solar panels and geothermal heating and cooling. In addition, rainwater recycling systems and high-end thermal insulation reduce energy waste. 

Designed by the rapper Lous and the Yakuza, the new co-working space provides rooftop terraces, bars and restaurants, a gym, and a cultural center. Silversquare manages the whole lot, not only responding to the blowing co-working spaces trend. It also wants to propose an alternative example to combine the potential of remote work and sustainable building for a future approach to workplaces. 


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