Brazil Will Now Get Splashtop’s Secure Remote Access

Brazil remote work access
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The newest market for Splashtop’s safe, high-performance software, which enables effective flexible work and remote IT assistance for all devices, is Brazil.

Splashtop, a secure remote access and support solutions provider, and AK Networks, a provider of IT consulting and support services, today announced a partnership that will make Splashtop’s entire product line available to AK Networks’ clients in Brazil, expanding Splashtop’s reach internationally.

There will always be remote and hybrid jobs. Brazilian businesses have started providing flexible work choices to their employees in the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak.

All sizes of businesses must allow their staff members to work remotely. Splashtop addresses all remote user requirements for businesses and IT by providing users with secure remote access to any device, anywhere. Workstations may be accessed by remote and hybrid employees from any location, and IT can remotely assist any managed or personal device.

Furthermore, Splashtop offers remote access to Internet of Things (IoT) devices, enabling remote specialists to diagnose and swiftly fix broken devices as well as the central computer that controls them. Through mobile camera sharing and interactive AR annotations, features like Splashtop AR, an augmented reality (AR) remote assistance solution, allow offsite professionals to readily examine, debug, and swiftly repair onsite technological issues.

“When technology stops working, it needs to be fixed fast — whether it’s an employee’s PC, a point-of-sale device, kiosk, etc. If it has a screen or operating system, Splashtop gives remote technicians a simple, secure and effective way to minimize downtime and ensure technology works consistently. AK Networks is a fantastic partner, and we are pleased that they will be offering our secure remote access and support tools to their customers throughout Brazil.”Grant Murphy, VP of Americas Sales, Splashtop

“Splashtop provides the most secure and highest performance remote access solutions, which are the two important features and requirements for our customers. We are happy to offer their products exclusively to our customers who are looking for remote access solutions.”Sergio Fabossi, Director, AK Networks

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