More Remote Work Schemes for BPO Staff

remote work schemes

The Fiscal Incentives Review Board (FIRB) announced more remote work schemes. So, business process outsourcing (BPO) firms can have up to 30% of their workforce working from home. 

Last year, the Philippines offered incentives for remote workers during the pandemic waves. As the BPO industry is the larger market in the private sector, the government allows tax breaks with 90% of employees working from home. 

The Economic Zone Authority (Peza) allows more remote work schemes for the BPO industry. However, some companies might be able to access tax incentives only by returning to the office. 

Initially, the FIRB set 100% return to offices by April. But employes and employees kept a preference for remote work schemes. As a result, BPO firms can have 70% of onsite workers and 30% of employees working from home. 

As Trade Secretary and FIRB co-chair Ramon Lopez said: “Registered enterprises which keep to this will continue to enjoy incentives. However, what can be questioned later by the Bureau of Internal Revenue is whether the incentives should apply to all of the project’s revenues, or only to the revenues associated with the 70 percent done onsite.” 

So, the return to the office is postponed. And for now, hybrid models will allow more remote work options. 

Even in a post-pandemic scenario, it’s hard to imagine a sudden return to traditional workplaces and arrangements. As a result, hybrid and remote work schemes are the best solutions to find temporary strategies for employers and employees alike. 


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