Bossware Chases Digital Nomads

Bossware chases digital nomads

Bossware chases digital nomads around the world.

After the pandemic, the digital nomads’ lifestyle became increasingly popular. Most tech companies improved their devices to support remote workers to be more productive in different places. And numerous people moved abroad to work remotely and travel. For example, Thailand was one of the most popular destinations for slow travelers and remote workers, especially after the 10-year visa scheme

However, software to improve productivity didn’t help most digital nomads keep track of their tasks. So, companies implemented bossware to chase digital nomads and remote workers. Many employers found their employees from a distance, over budget, and behind schedule. These employee-tracking Spywares are a way to respond to the growing tendency of working abroad.

So, Bossware chases digital nomads are becoming more popular, showing another face of the coin of remote work.


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