Borough Officials: Continuation Of Remote Work Is A Possibility

Remote work
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Naugatuck officials are in discussions to continue remote work, even after the end of the pandemic.

“We’re looking at the possibility of allowing some employees to continue working on a hybrid basis where they will be allowed to continue working remotely.”N. Warren Pete Hess, Naugatuck Mayor

Hess is in discussions with the two unions that represent supervisors, clerks and admins to allow a hybrid/remote-work setting. With the hybrid method employees will be able to work remotely and in person as well, subject to the approval by respective department heads.

“Essentially we want to be more efficient and have a better work product in all departments. In some departments, we can achieve that with some remote working.”N. Warren Pete Hess, Naugatuck Mayor

According to Hess, the talks with the unions will be concluded by the end of this year.

“We’re working cooperatively with the unions and each department to try and provide a higher level of service for the public.”N. Warren Pete Hess, Naugatuck Mayor

According to Naugatuck Assistant Tax Collector Louise Sheedy, president of the Chapter 90 union that represents supervisors, the proposed changes are good but the union hasn’t discussed it much yet.

“Times have changed and I do think hybrid is the way. I don’t think anybody is opposed to it.”Louise Sheedy, Naugatuck Assistant Tax Collector

Hess said the borough is planning to provide computer training for employees to be able to offer services online.

According to Diane Mokriski, employment law counsel for the Connecticut Business & Industry Association, remote working will continue in the private sector.

“The companies have a likelihood to continue this after the pandemic. I think a lot of companies will continue that new way of work.”Diane Mokriski, Employment Law Counsel for the Connecticut Business & Industry Association

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