Bobbie was Recognized as the Best-In-Class Remote Workplace Just 18 Months After Launching 

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Bobbie, the infant formula company in the U.S., founded and led by moms, was recognized by FastCompany as one of the Best Workplaces for Innovators in the Women Innovators category. The company is characterized by encouraging a fully remote work environment and encouraging initiatives like their 12-month leave policy for birthing and non-birthing parents. 

Bobbie was launched in 2021, and it’s the only mom-founded and fastest-growing infant formula to enter the U.S. market. As it was born during the pandemic, the company started having a fully remote work model. The company was Certified by Great Place to Work for the second year in a row. 

Bobbio Recognized by FastCompany

Bobbio was named by FastCompany as a Standout for Women Innovators and Small & Medium Businesses. It is the only infant formula company in the U.S. founded and led by moms. The company has demonstrated a steady commitment to encouraging innovation at all levels. Additionally, Bobbio was named an honoree on the Women Innovators list for its dedication to creating a best-in-class workplace for women.

Sarah Hardy, Bobbie Co-Founder and COO said:

“There’s a myth that startups can’t possibly create meaningful support structures for parents – we’ve set out to disprove that from day one with initiatives like our 12-month leave policy for birthing and non-birthing parents, balance coordinator, remote work culture, and unique mom-founded and parent-led team. Creating a new type of workplace for working parents is in our DNA–we’re nearly 90% women and 78% parents (half of which had a pandemic baby)–and it’s something we’re constantly building upon and expanding. As a company launched during the pandemic, we’re committed to creating an environment where parents of young children can thrive professionally, even in the hardest of times.”

Bobbio, besides building a remote work environment, offers a parental leave policy known as TakeOurLeave, which offers birthing and non birthing parents up to 10 months of leave to bond with their baby.


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