Remote Work Has Improved the Black Worker Experience

woman working remotely

A new survey by Future Forum Pulse found out that black employees with white-collar jobs feel more valued and supported while working from home. The pandemic and having to work remotely for more than a year has vastly improved their employee experience. 

The remote work experience has not only impacted employees in terms of work-life balance, productivity, and their mental health but also in terms of inclusion. Over the past year, black workers have experienced a better work experience. In most cases, they say that working from home has helped them feel treated more fairly and supported by management. 

Previous studies showed that Black workers, particularly, Black women, feel less valued and respected by colleagues. Additionally, Black people represent a small percentage of employees across the biggest U.S. companies.

How Did Remote Work Improve the Workplace Situation for Black Workers?

The survey by Future Forum Pulse, a research consortium, surveyed more than 10,000 people. The key finding was that people saw a 26% point increase in Black respondents reporting to be ‘’’ treated fairly’’ at work from a year ago.

Overall, Black workers in the U.S. said the work experience was starting to improve:

  • In 2020, 48% said they valued the relationship the hay with their coworkers. In 2021, that number increased to 76%.
  • In 2020, 47% believed they were treated fairly at work. In 2021, that number jumped to 73%.
  • In 2020, 43% said their management was supportive. In 2021 that number increase to 75%.

For many, implementing remote work has been what leveled the playing field. And at the moment, most employees want to continue working remotely as it allows them to have a better lifestyle. Remote work has impacted everyone on a global scale, but it has particularly benefit ‘’unrepresented and historically marginalized populations.’’


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