Rise Of ‘The Big Quit’: Gen Z And Millennials Driving Job Turnover In 2023

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​​A new report from LinkedIn has found that a majority of U.S. workers are thinking about making a career change in 2023. This data shows that 61% of workers are considering leaving their current roles, with a higher percentage of Gen Z and millennial workers looking for new opportunities. However, instead of solely focusing on the negative aspect of job turnover, this report highlights that these younger employees prioritize career development and growth opportunities in their job search. They seek employers that offer training, career advancement, and a positive work-life balance.

This trend towards prioritizing career development and growth is beneficial not only for individual employees but also for employers who want to attract and retain top talent. Employers who invest in their employee’s professional development and provide growth opportunities are more likely to have a dedicated and motivated workforce.

Gen Z and Millenials Looking for Better Work-life Balance

Additionally, the study found that many Gen Z and millennial workers are also looking for employers that align with their values and have a positive impact on society. They are more likely to be drawn to companies that have a strong sense of purpose and are committed to making a positive impact.

The report suggests that instead of viewing the high turnover rate among Gen Z and millennial workers as a negative trend, employers should see it as an opportunity to attract and retain top talent by providing opportunities for growth and aligning with the values of these younger employees.


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