Bank of Canada Will Allow Staff to Work Remotely 50% of the Time

Toronto Canada
Toronto sunset over lake panorama with urban skyline.

The Bank of Canada will be allowing most of its employees to continue working remotely 50% of the time, even when public health guidelines allow offices to reopen. 

With more than 50% of the population vaccinated, the pandemic situation in Canada has eased. However, the bank feels confident in allowing flexible arrangements for most of its employees. 

Bank of Canada Enables Remote Work Options for Staff

Currently, a limited number of employees are working at the bank’s central offices located in Ottawa. As the coronavirus cases have dropped, health institutions have started to announce that it’s safer to return to the office. 

The bank will still allow employees to continue working from home and expect them to return after the summer. The 50% new guideline will be measured over two-week periods. However, according to an official, they are not expecting to return to regular conditions until 2022.

Alexis Corbett, Chief Human Resources Officer, said in an email:

More employees will be allowed access over the fall, in line with federal and provincial public health guidelines. Based on current conditions, we are not anticipating full on-site staffing levels until the new year.

Other financial institutions across the country have also slowed down the return to office plans after Toronto experienced one of the longest lockdowns. Now that firms are reopening, they are still figuring out how to bring back employees. 


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