Bandai Namco Closes Its Offices In Northern California And Remote Work Isn’t An Option

Bandai Namco remote work
London, United Kingdom – October 01, 2018: Screenshot of the PAC-MAN mobile app from BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment America Inc. icon on an iPhone.

U.S. gaming industry Bandai Namco Entertainment of America closes its offices in Santa Clara, Northern California. The industry of Pac-Man and Tamagotchi decided to relocate its staff in Los Angeles. Employees will have to move to Southern California because fully remote work options aren’t available.

Remote Work Banned From April 2022

For over 200 employees, the new offices will be between Los Angeles and Orange County. Those in the Santa Clara office can choose flexible and remote until April 2022. After this final term, Bandai Namco expects the whole workforce to commute in the new offices.

While severance and relocation plans are under discussion, employees try to compromise a hybrid schedule. But Bandai Namco already stated that they won’t allow a full-time remote work option.

The Company states that the decision will ‘enable different group companies within the Bandai Namco group to integrate and open new opportunities.’

Besides Bandai Namco’s intentions, the decisions came out of the blue, and most employees aren’t happy to be forced to move after the pandemic. Globally, top tech and game industries are moving towards a fully remote setting. By 2025, most managers (22.9%) expect to run a fully remote workforce. Almost two times the 12.3% before the COVID-19 crisis. So far, Bandai Namco is the only one pushing for a return to the physical office. 


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