Bali Promotes Extended Vacations 

extended vacations

After digital nomad schemes, Bali targets foreigners for extended vacations.

The area is popular for the convenient visa schemes and the strong policy to attract tourists. Especially after the pandemic, the country pushed legislation to open the borders to wealthy slow travelers.

According to a new regulation, the nation provides:

– “Second home” visas for five 

– Ten years (applicants must have $130,000 in their bank accounts) 

The new rule will become officially operative 60 days after it is published. If there are delays, it will start in Christmas. So, the intention to attract foreigners for extended vacations will be even clearer. 

The goal is to make a positive impact on the Indonesian economy. The launch will coincide with several events that attract numerous people each year. As applicants have the chance to stay longer, extended vacations will become a new mode of travel. 


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