Bali Reopens Visa For 23 Countries and Removes Quarantine


The Government of Bali announced that the destination will be reopening visa on arrival programs for travelers from 23 countries. Additionally, travelers will no longer need to do quarantine when arriving on the island.

During the past years, Bali has been the capital of digital nomads. Although flights to arrive on the island are expensive, many consider the city itself cheap. For remote workers, it’s a great destination filled with activities, co-working spaces, and digital nomad communities. 

Bali Reopens for Tourism

Initially, the island had planned to open for tourism in April. But to the pressure from the tourism industry and other countries that are reopened, the government decided to speed up the process. After 2 years of strict COVID-19 restrictions, the travel community can visit Bali.

In February, the island welcomed their first flight since the pandemic started. Until this announcement, travelers needed to take a pre-departure Covid test, make quarantine, and take another test 3 days later. Additionally, the visa on arrival program was not reinstated. 

With these announcements, travelers from 23 countries will be issued a visa on arrival again and can skip the costly quarantine. The government ensures that travelers will not spread the virus through the island by still asking PCR results from any traveler leaving Bali. 

There are the current requirements for those interested in visiting Bali:

  • Proof of vaccination 
  • PCR test upon arrival 
  • Insurance that covers COVID up to $100,000
  • PCR third day before gaining access into provinces outside Bali
  • Visitors who test positive need to be isolated in an appointed quarantine hotel

The 23 countries allowed to visit the island are The United States, Canada, Australia, England, Netherlands, Germany, Qatar, France, Japan, South Korea, Italy, New Zealand, UAE, Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Philippines, and Cambodia.


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