Baldwin County: New Remote Work Hotspot?

remote work on a work desk with laptop in baldwin county
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Many states, cities and countries are shifting towards “remote work” friendly policies. From great cash incentives to outdoor recreation perks, there’s plenty for remote workers to choose from. With Americans rapidly embracing this new way of working, Baldwin County leaders are considering boosting their own region to accommodate remote workers too.

Most people don’t want to work in large metropolitan cities anymore. In fact, with the freedom to move and choose, most digital nomads are showing a preference for quieter and smaller places. They’re looking for a good work-life balance along with more savings and a better overall life that includes good mental health as well.

Baldwin county has a lot to boast about in terms of being an ideal hotspot for a remote worker to settle.

Remote Work is Baldwin County’s Focus

There are planet of beaches, the weather is pleasant, and the crime rate and property taxes are quite low are the big draws and now hundreds of people are essentially “free agents,” who want out of the big city.

“It used to be you would move somewhere geographically for a job and now what we’re seeing is with the work from home and some of this dispersed workforce a lot of people and professionals are becoming geographic free agents now.”Lee Lawson, Baldwin County Economic Development Director

According to Lawson, the focus is now on marketing to those remote workers who can sell their highly priced real estate elsewhere and get more for their money in Baldwin County. The main focus is still to attract large industries as they’re now relocating their key employees and giving them the freedom to work remotely.

“If your employer comes to you and says you can live anywhere in the U.S. and you are sitting in a high-priced tax market like California, the northwest, the northeast. Some companies depending on the specialty it could be half of their workforce they relocate in and we see it in all kinds of proposals that we’re asked to submit.”Lee Lawson

The state is working on the region to improve broadband access and connectivity, an important factor that remote workers will consider before relocating.

Remote workers are surely adding more choices to their relocation list every day! In a few months or a year the favorite choices will become evident. It’s a wait and watch situation for now.

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