Aruba: New Short-stay Visa Scheme for Digital Nomads

short-stay visa scheme digital nomads

The city of Aruba has launched a short-stay visa scheme for digital nomads and travelers. Above all, water sports, outdoor activities, and multiple cultural influences make Caribbean island the ideal place to work remotely

Aruba is part of the Caribbean short-stay visa scheme for digital nomads. Travelers can live on the island for 90 days. It’s possible to apply in a local or Dutch embassy. Further, for the Netherlands, there is a separate online portal to speed up the process.

How To Apply For The Short-stay Visa Scheme for Digital Nomads  

  • Nationalities that require a visa include Afghanistan; Belize; Cambodia; China; Egypt; Fiji; Philippines; Laos; Kuwait; Iraq; Iran; Myanmar; Qatar; Uganda; Saudi Arabia; South Africa; Tanzania; Thailand; Venezuela; and Vietnam.
  • United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, and the 26 members of the Schengen Area can apply for the visa scheme if their stay is longer than 30 days.
  • For the US, the Aruba council launched the One Happy Workation program for digital nomads. The deal allows a 90-day stay working for a foreign company in partnership with local resorts and hotels.
  • Travelers from Bolivia; China; Cuba; Dominican Republic; Haiti; India; Jamaica; and Peru have visa-free entry to Aruba only when they possess a multi-entry visa for the United States; Canada; the United Kingdom; Ireland or Schengen Area.
  • Children under 12 years old do not need a visa to travel with legal guardians or parents. 
  • Service and diplomatic passports from Bolivia; Chad; Indonesia; Jamaica; Malawi; Morocco; Pakistan; Peru; Russia; Senegal; Serbia; Thailand; Ukraine; Tunisia; and Turkey do not need visas. 
  • Laissez-passer documents by the World Bank, International Monetary Fund, the United Nations, or these types of agencies are also exempt.

Short-scheme Visa Requirements 

  • Valid passport.
  • Return ticket.
  • Proof of accommodation.
  • Sufficient income for the whole stay.
  • Yellow fever vaccination certificate.
  • COVID tests or vaccinations, according to the local guides

It is also possible to book an extension via the Department of Integration and Management of Foreign Nationals in Oranjestad.


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