AMZ SEO HUB Boosts Online Sales After Pandemic

boost online sales

Since the first lockdown, online businesses and Amazon blew up on Amazon listing agencies. As a result, companies like AMZ SEO HUB tripled their pre-pandemic earnings boosting their online sales.

Amazon SEO listing experts Bar Am-David and his wife founded their digital agency. The aim was to leave their job in the UK and live in Bali. After the pandemic, AMZ SEO HUB tripled its online sales. The company offers three package services for 1 to 10 listings. In addition, they provide SEO-optimized Amazon texts and PPC campaigns.

Initially, the couple established a solid reputation online. In six years, they achieves Top Rated Fiverr Pro Verified and Top Rated Upwork accounts. Among their services, AMZ SEO HUB expanded their digital nomads’ audience providing Amazon listing services:

  • Amazon copywriting 
  • SEO
  • Keyword research
  • PPC
  • A+/EBC content for Amazon sellers 

The couple launched new services after the pandemic using five-star reviews across their Top-Rated status. As they state: “People really needed help once Covid hit. And there was even more intense competition to get found on Amazon. By scaling our Amazon listing optimization services across Fiverr, Upwork, and our own agency, AMZ SEO HUB, we were able to help a lot of businesses get found and grow their sales in the extremely challenging market they were facing.”

The couple is an example of the potential of digital nomads’ businesses to boost online sales and an alternative style of life. 


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