Over 45% of Americans Plan to Work Remotely and Travel in 2022

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Over 45% of Americans are planning to travel more in 2022, according to ValuePenguin’s recent survey. The main reasons are to make up for lost time during quarantines and see loved ones. Many are looking forward to tick bucket list locations off their lists.

The pandemic made most people stay at home for over a year or more and made traveling almost impossible. Now that the situation is more controlled in most countries, Americans have expressed their desire to travel.

Remote Work and Travel in 2022

One of the main findings of ValuePenguin’s recent survey is that most Americans are interested in travel and working simultaneously. Most travelers will take their work on the road.

Over half of Americans (45%) plan to travel more this year than in 2021 to make up for the lost time and visit loved ones.

Other key findings of the study are:

  • Nearly a quarter of Gen Zero and milenials are planning to have once-in-a-lifetime trips this year.
  • A third of travelers with incomes above $100,000 plan an international getaway.
  • About 30% of travelers plan to work remotely during their trips.
  • Over 53% will spend $3,000 or more on traveling this year, while only 39% will spend that amount in 2021.
  • Nearly 46% of travelers will use the money saved up to finance their trips.
  • Travelers’ vacations plans are Family vacation (22%), visiting loved ones (33%), vacation with friends (26%), romantic getaway (20%), and bucket list trip (19%). Other plans are an international trip, holiday celebration, canceled trip during the pandemic.

Read more about the survey here


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