Amazon Wants Call Center Staff to Work Remotely

Call center remote work
Photo by Christian Wiediger on Unsplash

By encouraging its call center staff to work remotely, Amazon is attempting to reduce the number of visitors to its premises.

According to Bloomberg, the e-commerce giant will allow all of its customer support representatives to work remotely and will close several call centers around the nation to save money on real estate.

Companies like Amazon have come to the conclusion that the majority of customer support roles—which take up valuable office space—do not need to take place in person after the pandemic indicated that many office functions can be performed remotely. A rapid turnover rate is also common in customer support professions, and Amazon’s remote working policy may make it easier for company to hire more people in different US locations.

“We’re offering additional members of our Customer Service team the increased flexibility that comes with working virtually. We’re working with employees to make sure their transition is seamless while continuing to prioritize best-in-class support for customers.”Brad Glasser, Amazon Spokesperson

The decision to close physical call center locations fits with previous initiatives Amazon has to reduce the real estate assets it accumulated during the pandemic-era boom in internet sales. Bloomberg reports that Amazon plans to lease 10 million square feet of space and cancel agreements with landlords in facilities in New York, Atlanta, New Jersey and Southern California.

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