Amazon CEO Will Not Force Staff to Return to Office

Amazon return to office
Photo by Bryan Angelo on Unsplash

Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon, stated that the corporation has no intention of ordering corporate employees to return to  the office.

Early in 2020, Amazon IT staff were instructed to work remotely due to the fast spreading coronavirus. In contrast to its stated intention of reverting to a “office-centric culture,” Amazon said in October that it would leave it up to individual managers to determine how frequently employees would be forced to go to the office.

The majority of staff, according to Jassy, have returned to their physical workplaces and are now spending some days working remotely. According to what Jassy said, some teams are more likely to be in the office, such as hardware or creative divisions, while others, like engineers, continue to operate mostly remotely.

Here’s what Jassy said on Wednesday at the code conference in Los Angeles.

“We don’t have a plan to require people to come back. We don’t right now. But we’re going to proceed adaptively as we learn.”Andy Jassy, CEO, Amazon

The Covid-19 pandemic, according to what Jassy had stated previously, may have a long-term effect on how offices are operated, and it has already had an influence on how Amazon employs staff. For instance, he added, Amazon is now more accepting of remote work and would hire people from wherever rather to only focus on regions where it has “critical mass.”

“I do think there are some things that are harder to do remotely. I think it’s a little harder to invent remotely.”Andy Jassy, CEO, Amazon

Unlike several of its tech peers, Amazon takes a different stance on remote work. Google started requiring the majority of staff to report to physical offices at least three days a week in April, which led to some opposition from staff who disagreed with the requirement. Additionally, Apple instructed some of its staff members to start coming into the office three days per week this month.

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