Allwhere Secures $9.5M Seed Funding

Allwhere seed funding
Photo by Dessidre Fleming on Unsplash

Allwhere, the startup that gives teams everything they need to work anywhere, announced its formal launch and exit from stealth mode with $9.5 million in initial capital obtained from DESCOvery, the venture studio of the D.E. Shaw group.

Allwhere is a people-first startup that helps teams to be productive and engaged – wherever they may be. It was founded within DESCOvery in 2021 by CEO Oscar Mattsson. Along with providing world-class onboarding, engagement, retention, and wellness programmes, this also involves working with businesses to implement comprehensive remote work solutions, manage the full lifecycle of equipment from procurement to storage and disposal, and lower costs by utilising allwhere’s economies of scale.

With the seed money, Allwhere will be able to scale operations, add to the platform’s functionality, and recruit executives and other key personnel. Following successful service trials in North America, Latin America, and Europe, allwhere is enabling distant teams to convene in ways that maximize their engagement and productivity.

“No one-size fits all for the new world of work. For much too long, companies were only equipped for in-office setups and struggled to accommodate a variety of work styles. Allwhere is here to change that. Now, companies must offer flexible work environments to attract and retain the best talent. We work closely with them to relieve the headaches of providing an optimal work experience anywhere, so internal teams can focus on high priority deliverables like employee engagement, professional development and more.”Oscar Mattsson, CEO and Founder, allwhere

Allwhere, a supporter of both small and large businesses, helps teams at each level of development, whether they are scaling up, scaling back, or preserving the status quo. Allwhere offers the assistance required to expand and manage teams effectively and efficiently in an environment place organizations and employees are dealing with unpredictability, ensuring a smooth experience throughout the employee lifecycle.

“Allwhere has been the solution to all of our logistical problems — and, more recently, our swag, as well. It allows our teams to design their own workspaces, which is not only fun for them, but saves time for us. Allwhere allows us to focus on the work we have to do, rather than the logistics of how we’re going to supply equipment to our teams.”Brenda Rodriguez, Director of People, Found

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