Aligned Data Centers Becomes the First Corporate Sponsor of the Nomad Futurist Foundation

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Aligned Data Centers, a leading technology infrastructure company, announced it became the first corporate sponsor to join Nomad Futurist Foundation (NFF). The NFF is a nonprofit organization built-in 2021 that focuses on empowering younger generations “through exposure to the technologies powering our digital world.”

NFF was co-founded by Philip Koblnece and Nabeel Mahmoth. Yesterday, Aligned Data Centers joined the foundation by becoming the first corporate sponsor. Their focus will be to tackle the main challenges of the digital infrastructure industry. 

Aligned Data and NFF

One of the key challenges nowadays is in terms of digital infrastructures that support digital nomadism, remote work, and overall new ways of living. While it is one of the fastest-growing sectors on a global scale, the industry is facing new challenges. And it has insufficient talent that supports this growth. Sometimes, it is due to a lack of industry visibility, diversity, and an old-minded approach to hiring. 

Andrew Schapp, CEO of Aligned Data, shares that the company´s commitment is to foster a culture of diversity and inclusion. They want to promote new ways of analyzing, thinking, and solving problems. 

“We´re excited to expand our existing technical training, internship, scholarship, and community outreach efforts through a partnership with Nomad Futurist, to teach younger generations about the value of trades and careers in critical facilities.”


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