Airbnb Launches Remote Work Hub in Dubai


Airbnb announced the launch of the Dubai remote working hub. This hub is a one-stop shop for aspiring remote workers and digital nomads in partnership with Dubai´s Department of Economy and Tourism (DET). Those digital nomads looking to live and work in Dubai can use the hub to find local long-term listings and other helpful information. 

This year Airbnb launched the Live and Work Anywhere program, which helped nomads identify remote worker-friendly destinations worldwide. And Dubai is among the 20 destinations that are great for remote workers due to its infrastructure. 

Remote Work Hub in Dubai

The Live and Work Anywhere program powered by Airbnb and The DET will promote the city to remote workers looking for accommodation and guidance on long-term stays”.

According to Velma Corcoran, Regional Lead for Middle East & Africa at Airbnb, Dubai is a global leader in facilitating remote work. 

“As this trend continues to accelerate, we want to work together to make it easier for people to enjoy the newfound flexibility to work and travel and help the city harness the economic benefits of this new type of tourism.”

– Velma Corcoran

As millions of people continue embracing their lifestyles, looking to travel and work on the road, countries are finding the best ways to attract nomads. Airbnb reported that one in five guests globally uses the platform to work remotely. Long-term stays are at an all-time high, doubling the size from Q1 in 2019.


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