75% Of Leaders Don’t Know How To Manage Remotely

The 2024 Workplace Flexibility Trends Report surveyed 900 U.S. based leaders and found new remote work data.

Workplace research firm Global Workplace Analytics, Caryatid Workplace Consultancy, and TechSmith Corporation conducted the study.

The results were interesting: three-quarters of leaders reported their firms were still terrible at remote work.

In other words, 75% of leaders say their companies have not adopted best practices regarding remote work.

The report also found three-quarters of firms had not trained managers on how to manage remotely.

Plus, roughly the same percentage said their teams still haven’t established norms on how and where they will work

Additionally, just 25 percent of employees feel their companies have adequately supported them through the transition to remote or hybrid work 

Nearly half of employees say unwanted interruptions reduce their productivity or increase their stress more than six times a day.

For every 1,000 employees, that adds up to $1.3 million in lost productivity a year, as specified by TechSmith’s estimate.

According to the report, 70% of employees feel an email could replace more than a quarter of their in-person meetings.

Finally, another recent report from Qatalog and GitLab found remote workers waste an average of an hour a day on “productivity theater.” 

This means uselessly checking in or being visibly online just to assuage managers’ anxiety about whether they’re actually working.


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