20% Of Firms Are Failing To Meet Flexible Work Demands 

Businesses are failing to meet staff’s demands.

20% of human resources directors admit they don’t know where to start in meeting their workforce’s flexibility needs.

These results were found in a new report from managed workplace services provider Apogee Corporation.

They surveyed over 200 HR directors and 200 employees across small and medium-sized organizations in the public sector.

The research suggests there is a significant disconnect between HR departments and employees.

28% of employees identified insufficient tech as the biggest barrier to feeling more connected to their organization and colleagues.

Poor digital collaboration impacts staff. 29% said they feel frustrated, and 28% isolated.

Plus, another 28% of respondent said this leads to an inability to do their job properly.

The result? 40% said they are considering leaving their current job due to a lack of access to the right digital collaboration tools. 

According to the survey, HR directors underestimate the impact the right technology has on long-term employee retention.

They rank it a distant fourth behind work-life balance, career development, and hybrid/remote working opportunities.

By comparison, 52% of employees rank technology as the most important feature of their ‘ideal’ workplace.


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