Zoom and Palo Alto Networks Collaborate to Improve Remote Work

Improve remote work
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Palo Alto Networks and Zoom have partnered to solve concerns with meeting and call quality for remote workers in order to enhance end-user experience.

To assist IT administrators in finding and fixing meeting and call issues, Zoom Quality of Service Subscription (QSS) has connected with Palo Alto’s Autonomous Digital Experience Management (ADEM). Palo Alto, a cybersecurity company, made the announcement at Zoomtopia, where a ton of other news had been released, such as the introduction of Zoom’s email and calendar services.

At the moment, technology capabilities and expectations are out of sync. Although customers demand high-quality call and meeting experiences, many users’ experiences are still being negatively impacted by low WiFi connectivity, troubles with internet service providers, device problems, and other factors.

IT and UCaaS administrators are now unable to monitor the data quality of end-to-end meeting lifecycles in a single location when user concerns are raised. As a result, it is quite challenging to locate difficulties and swiftly resolve the root causes.

The Palo Alto and Zoom joint solution displays pertinent information from meetings, endpoints, and the network in a single dashboard. Additionally, it provides admins with information to discover and fix call and meeting problems. Palo Alto claims that this leads to a superior user experience, a decrease in the difficulty and expense of support requests, and improved business results.

In essence, the solutions speed up users to get back to work by reducing the mean time to repair (MTTR) for network, hardware, and ambient problems that may affect the Zoom experience.

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