Zoom Interview Attire: How to Dress (Virtually) For the Job

Zoom interview attire

Want To Dress For Success For A Zoom Interview?

Are you nervous about your upcoming online interview? Do you know what you should do first? Figure out Zoom interview attire! This will help you distract yourself and be better prepared. And it is also pretty important.

Did you know that a study revealed that 95% of recruiters say that personal appearance is a significant factor when it comes to determining the suitability of a candidate for a job? Yes! Especially since virtual interviews have become quite popular, choosing outfits has become a whole new ballgame. 

So, if you want to style yourself perfectly for your upcoming online interview, you need to pick the right Zoom interview attire. 

What Is The Etiquette For Zoom Interviews?

If you want to ace your Zoom interview, one of the key tips to remember would be to treat it like any other interview. This includes being prepared to answer questions about yourself and your past experiences, as well as dressing the part.

After all, you do not want to make the mistake of dressing down and making a bad first impression. So, let’s get down to a few dos and don’ts of Zoom interview attire to keep in mind. 

The Dos And Don’ts Of Zoom Interview Attire

1. Do Wear Pants

It is understandable for you to want to give virtual interviews in your PJs. I mean, who doesn’t want to be comfortable? But do you know that wearing pants to an interview can make you feel confident, focused, and professional? Yes! 

Pants are a part of your presence, and they complete your outfit. You do not have to put on dress shoes or heels, but the least you can do to send a positive message to yourself is to dress the part. 

2. Don’t Choose Any Busy Patterns

Have you ever been in a video call when the feed got fuzzy due to buffering issues? That’s okay. It can happen to anyone. But if you do not want your interviewer to feel dizzy if the internet starts to lag, try not to wear any busy patterns. 

Better be safe than sorry and wear solids!

3. Do Get Cleaned Up

Did you know that it takes only seven seconds for someone to form an opinion on you? When giving an interview, you want to make sure that you use this important time to your advantage. So, before you turn your camera on, make sure to brush your teeth and hair.

For men, it would also be a good idea to get a haircut and clean up facial hair, especially if you have been letting it grow out. Ladies, you can put on a little bit of makeup too to refresh your appearance. 

4. Don’t Forget Color And Contrast

Everyone wants to stand out as a candidate during their interviews. So, one of the best ways to do that is by picking an outfit that matches the color of your eyes. It is a simple method to amplify your authenticity. 

Where contrast is concerned, your background, skin coloring, and outfit should work together. 

For example, if you have white skin, light hair, and white walls in the background try to avoid outfits in light colors. You do not want to blend into the background, do you? But this also means that you do not dive deep into contrast. Meaning, do not wear a black sweater either. Yikes! 

Try to choose neutral colors, such as blue and brown, which is typical attire for Zoom interviews and in-person too. 

5. Do Wear Something That Boosts Confidence

Some people tend to have lucky charms, such as a chain or a bracelet, which gives them a sense of calm when they are nervous. On the other hand, some people believe that dressing the part helps drive away any anxiety before an interview. 

You too can also wear something that makes you feel comfortable and attractive. This is a great way to boost your confidence and give yourself a ‘can do’ attitude. 

6. Don’t Go Overboard With Accessories

While it is okay to want to be unique, you do not want to stick out like a sore thumb during your interview. So, be sure to keep your Zoom interview attire non-distracting and neutral. For example, if you have several piercings on your face, it may be a good idea to remove some of them. 

7. Do Dress The Part

In the hustle and bustle of choosing patterns and colors, you may forget one essential tip of not wearing something that could be considered controversial, either politically or religiously. 

So, if you are wondering should I wear a suit in a video interview, the answer is you can! Dressing for a job means that you need to maintain a professional appearance, which includes dressing the part. 

Zoom Interview Attire Essential Tips

1. Make Sure Your Webcam Is Of Good Quality

If you have bought a new desktop or laptop, your webcam is bound to be of good quality. However, if that is not the case, then you may want to invest in a new one. Remember, the quality of your video will make a difference to the person on the other side. If they are able to see you, they will feel like they can connect with you.

And a good quality feed helps you maintain eye contact. 

2. Think About Lighting

You may have a high-resolution webcam, but it will not give you the best results without good lighting. Natural lighting is mostly preferred for online interviews, so if you can sit by the window, go for it. You can also enjoy the views and let them calm you!

But if sitting by the window is not an option, you can always get a lamp or a ring light to help. 

3. Pick A Good Background

Whether you are choosing the interesting background options on Zoom or giving the interview from home, make sure that there is nothing distracting there. This means that you need to watch out for bold patterns or loud colors. Try to sit in front of a solid wall if you can. 

4. Use A Good Quality Headset

It is not enough to make sure you are in the right Zoom interview attire and make regular eye contact. You also need to think about sound. It can become annoying if the person on the other end cannot hear you. 

Choose a noise-canceling headset for your interview and make sure to test it beforehand!

Good Luck For Your Interview

Remember, the best Zoom interview attire will make you feel confident and comfortable. It also helps you look professional for an interview. When in doubt, use the guide above or simply dress more than you think you might need to do. After all, being overdressed is better than being underdressed.

Don’t forget to do a dress rehearsal. 

May you ace your interview!


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