96% Of Workers Say Hybrid Work Is Best For Mental Health

Woman working remotely

FlexJobs conducted a new survey that included results from over 5,600 people. It showed 96% of workers believe a remote or hybrid work arrangement would be best for their mental health.

49% of respondents say that a hybrid workspace is an ideal arrangement. In total, a fully-remote arrangement was preferred by 47% of respondents.

Only 4% of workers thought being in an office full-time was best for their mental health. Decreased stress levels was the top reported health benefit of remote work.

The survey also showed that women prefer remote work, when compared to men, by a 58% vs. 42% margin. 

With over 70% of employers embracing hybrid work models, workers appear to be getting their wish. 

Over 1/5 of American adults are experiencing some form of mental illness, so the distinction between mental health and hybrid work is crucial for team leaders today. 


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