Fast Hired a Wellbeing Director to Give Remote Staff Exercise Classes and Nutritional Advice Over Zoom

Woman practicing Yoga online

Fast, a San Francisco-based software company, hired Phil McDougal, a former Royal Marine as a full-time fitness trainer to help improve remote employees’ wellbeing. He provides classes via Zoom regarding different subjects such as techniques to improve sleep, fitness classes, and nutritional advice. 

One of the dangers of remote work is burnout. Remote workers tend to work for longer hours and forget about implementing self-care techniques most of the time. And as gym perks and snacks make sense in a hybrid work environment, it’s harder for employees to stay active and healthy in a fully remote workplace. 

A New Role Emerging in the Remote Work Scenario: Director of Wellbeing

Phil Mcdougal, Fast’s Director of Wellbeing, focuses on helping employees to stay healthy with different activities. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, his day starts before dawn, where he offers employees advice on improving their sleep. He also provides exercise classes over Zoom as well as nutritional and mental health guidance. 

He’s part of the people experience team of the company that focuses on improving the benefits and culture at the company, taking into account the employees’ feedback. 

And while Fast isn’t a fully remote company as vaccinated employees are working at the office, the company is likely to continue having flexible arrangements. Its new fitness trainer plans to hire an assistant and create a fitness library where employees can easily access pre-recorded routines. 


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