Wayfair’s Job Cuts Hit Remote Workers Harder

Online furniture and home-goods retailer Wayfair Inc. is the latest company to want workers back in the office.

In a company-wide meeting, executives said workers should do the majority of their work in the office.

Wayfair executives told employees that staff who worked remotely “were more likely to be laid off” in its most recent round of job cuts.

This will affect around 1,650 employees or 13% of the company’s global workforce. Those layoffs were announced on Friday.

Wayfair said the purpose of the layoffs was to restructure the company around core principles.

A representative said: “While we believe our best work is done in person, we will continue to have remote roles in areas where they make sense.”

Weeks before the layoffs, Wayfair’s Chief Executive sent a memo to staff. They encouraged employees to put in more effort at their jobs.

By mid-2022 Wayfair was seeing exponential growth and went overboard with corporate hiring during COVID.

Wayfair also laid off staff last year and in 2022. 


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