VMware Partners with Amazon’s Eero For Improved Connectivity For Remote Workers

WiFi remote worker
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VMware announced a partnership with Amazon’s eero to provide improve network connectivity and security for remote workers.

The collaboration is designed for remote workers in the U.S. and will pair eero 6 series mesh Wi-Fi systems with the VMware SASE Work from Home solution. VMware has announced that eero is a preferred Wi-Fi provider.

This combination will enable IT teams to provide a better at-home Wi-Fi experience for their staff along with VMware’s solution to deliver cloud networking and cloud security services. Employees will no more be limited to working from one area in the home. The eero 6 series mesh Wi-Fi systems feature Wi-Fi 6 that delivers speed and solid coverage for multiple device usage anywhere in the home.

VMware’s cloud-based secure access service edge will help provide more secure and efficient connectivity. The solution recognizes more than 3,000 apps and prioritizes business-critical application traffic.

VMware SASE delivers operational ease for IT teams by leveraging the centralized Orchestrator to drive networking and security policies. Teams can configure these policies and push them to all the remote sites powered by eero Wi-Fi systems. VMware SASE uses AIOps that allows IT teams to determine the user experience when users access cloud applications.

“We ask a lot of our home Wi-Fi these days. At any given moment, it may be supporting multiple data-intensive tasks: from joining a work video-conference call to streaming and gaming in 4K, to supporting an online learning environment, and more. When your network is stretched too thin, your work-from-home performance can suffer. Through this collaboration with VMware, we’re able to offer fast, reliable, and more secure Wi-Fi for remote workers.”

Sean Harris, eero’s vice president of sales and marketing

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