U.S Cities With the Highest Number of Remote Workers 

Woman working remotely

According to a new report by the Economic Innovation Group, the number of remote workers across the US has significantly increased. Commuting zones around the country have the highest rates of remote workers. Cities like Washington DC, San Francisco, and Texas are top of the list. 

Before the pandemic, remote workers were slowly increasing. But, when remote work became mandatory and companies realized it had plenty of benefits, the number of remote workers and digital nomads kept increasing. 

Cities With The Highest Share of Remote Workers

The report shows how as of 2021, there were at least 45 cities in the country where 20% or more of the population worked remotely. Nationally, working remotely increased to 17.9 in 2021 from 5.6 before the pandemic in 2019.

These are the cities with the highest number of remote workers in the US:

CityStatePopulationRemote work share
Washington DCN/A5,856,70334
San FranciscoCA5.282.78433
San JoseCA2,695,21830

Note: Higher share of remote workers doesn’t always correlate to a low office occupancy rate. 


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