Uruguay: Expands its Short-Term Work Authorization to Include Remote Work and Renewals


In a recently published decree, the Uruguayan government announced that short-term work permits (called Provisional Identity Cards – Hojas de Identidad Provisoria) are available to foreign nationals seeking to work remotely from Uruguay for their foreign employer or company without local company sponsorship. 

South America is becoming the next digital nomad hot spot, as countries are opening up for remote workers who want to stay longer than the tourist visa allows. Argentina and Colombia have already announced their digital nomad visa, and Brazil has plans to open up a digital nomad village in 2023. Now, Uruguay is next on the list by enabling foreign remote workers to work in the country. 

Uruguay Expands its Provisional Identity Cards Permissions

Uruguay Provisional Identify Cards are valid for up to 180 days. Previously this permit could only be issued by foreigners who were directly employed or sponsored by an Uruguayan entity. Now, digital nomads can apply to it without any local company sponsorship. 

Additionally, the decree also authorizes a one-time extension of the Provisional Identify Card for an additional 180 days. 


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