UPS To End Remote Work At Global Offices

The shipping giant UPS Inc. is now the largest public company in Georgia to withdraw its hybrid work policy.

The company communicated they will require corporate employees to return to the office five days a week. The internal memo sent on Wednesday said the changes will begin on March 4.

“By adopting this approach, we recognize the ongoing commitment of our operators and other UPSers who have and continue to work in-person in our facilities five days and sometimes more per week as they deliver on our purpose by providing industry-leading service to our customers,” the memo stated.

While some positions are exempt, in-person five-day workdays will soon be required.

The new policy will not impact business travel, sick days, caregiving needs, or home repairs. Managers will still be allowed to offer occasional remote work in those instances.

This decision will affect thousands of workers based on UPS campuses, including its global headquarters in Sandy Springs.

About a year ago, UPS issued a return-to-office mandate calling for three days in the workplace.

According to the memo, the updated policy could aid in promoting in-person connections. They are looking to align the service of operations and non-operations workers.

UPS executives say the news will likely come with mixed emotions, but are hoping its employees can adjust.


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