According to United Airlines CEO, Remote Work Changed The Definition of Leisure

United Airlines

During an airline´s third-quarter earnings call, United Airlines CEO, Scott Kirby, talked about how the flexibility of remote and hybrid work had changed leisure. Hybrid employment nowadays affords leisure travel, and it´s currently one of the industry´s potential growth causes.

With the increased remote work and flexibility in schedules, employees can now work from anywhere. While this changes depending on the company´s policies, traveling has become a new option for most. Workations are becoming popular; overall, traveling is more accessible for most as they no longer need to plan their travels based on vacation days. 

Remote Work Redefined Leisure

Scott Kirby, United Airlines CEO, mentioned how there´d been a permanent structural change in leisure remand mostly due to remote work. For hybrid workers, every weekend can be a holiday weekend.

The airline experienced a normally off-peak month during September, being the third strongest month in its history. He mentioned how hybrid work environments give employees newfound flexibility allowing them to travel “far more often than before.”

Traveling and working have become the new normal. 

During the third quarter, United said it took in $942 million – twice as much as the same period in 2021. 


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