Ubud: Best Destination for Solo Travelers

Ubud destination solo travelers

Ubud ranks as one of the best destinations for solo travelers. And Bali is one of the best destinations for a long journey and digital nomads. 

Also known for Eat, Pray, Love, Ubud has always been a top destination for long-stay travelers. From healthy food to yoga classes, the small town offers unique experiences to travelers and digital nomads. As a result, Forbes ranks Ubud as the 6th best destination for solo travelers.

The magazines used Tripadvisor ratings to score different destinations, comparing reviews; hotels; and the number of visitors. In addition, the magazine compared different average prices, including restaurants, water, and public transport. 

To recap, Ubud recorded 314 points out of 480. After Ho Chi Minh City (355), Marrakech, Istanbul, Cairo, and Hong Kong, Bali town is one of the best places to recharge and start over.

The island is widely known for its active and vibrant social life. Bali offers different opportunities to enjoy a long journey from nightclubs to co-working spaces. Ubud is the ideal city for those looking for a spiritual yet vibrant place to reconnect and work remotely. 

Thanks to different visa schemes, the city is full of solo travelers to network and share unique experiences. 


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