Ubisoft Montreal Employees Were Lied About Remote Work Conditions

empty office building
Employees at Ubisoft Montreal are expressing their frustration over the studio announcing a return to the office.

Employees at Ubisoft Montreal, the Canadian video game developer, are expressing their frustration over the company´s broken promises.

The studio had originally promised a hybrid and flexible working environment, with the option of 100% remote work depending on certain criteria. Employees claim that they were repeatedly assured that remote work would continue to be an option.

Ubisoft Montreal suddenly announced a return-to-office plan which went into effect on September 11. This sparked negative reactions and left employees feeling deceived.

Employees mentioned various issues working in the office, including noisy calls in open office spaces, increased expenses, and a lack of necessary equipment or accommodations.

The anger reflects a broader sentiment of dissatisfaction with Ubisoft’s management and their perceived indifference towards employee well-being.

There is a lack of trust in the company’s ability to provide a positive work environment and to keep its promises, especially in light of past allegations of a toxic work culture and recent layoffs and game cancellations.

Some employees have suggested that the decision to mandate in-office work is a disguised layoff strategy, as it may push employees to quit without the company having to provide severance pay.


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